Software Engineer


You will be the creative catalyst for our solutions!

This position entails developing applications and core systems that run devices and control networks. You will be asked to analyze the needs of the user and incorporate them into the design, testing and software development to fit those needs. After the design and implementation you will need to ensure the solution continues to function through regular maintenance and testing. Documentation is a key aspect to organizational success and allows for efficient reference for future maintenance and upgrades. You will collaborate with other engineers throughout the process.



  • Computer Science (BS/MS)
  • 2+ Years' constructing front-end infrastructure software or distributed systems for scalable commercial services
  • 2+ Years' of with cross browser compatibility; eg. Avoiding structural differences in DOMs
  • History of delivering stable front-end software that is both secure and compliant
  • Front-end software proficiency with one or more relevant front-end frameworks (React, Angular, etc.)
  • Ample skill in developing RIA application with HTML, CSS, JS etc.
  • Debugging of source code and patches required
  • Keeps abreast of all industry best practices
  • Delivery optimization of CDNs, caching and compression taking into account end user device resource utilization


  • 5+ Years' front-end proficiency
  • Leadership in an engineering environment in order to driving operational excellence
  • Ample knowledge of AWS Services and IAAS PAAS SAAS and Private Cloud concepts
  • Avoids feature delays
  • Working knowledge in JavaScript, NodeJS
  • Adept in Java/Kotlin
  • In-depth expertise in one or more of the following (React, Angular, Thyme Leaf etc.), UI automation testing

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